Living in Olvera for a while

From a distance Olvera looks like a dot of white paint on a mountain. The first time we were looking at the village was from a distance of 20 km away. “That’s it Steve, that’s the place where we are going to live for a while!”

There are different roads which are leading from Ronda to Olvera. We choose as always a small one and we are surprised to cycle trough a beautiful small valley, with beautiful hills, oak trees and fields full of olives.

The moment we arrive in Olvera we sit down at a terrace where we make a call to Zoe. Zoe is an English lady who rents houses in the village. Zoe just had a baby so Eileen shows up and shows us the houses. We can choose between four houses and the first one we see is Casa Bandida. We are amazed when we enter this spacious house. “We can never afford this one!” Marlous says after some inspection of the house, the terraces and the cave in the back of the place. But when Eileen tells us the prize it definitely is affordable. We have a look at the other houses, but in the end we choose for the first one. We rent Casa Bandida for a couple of months. After living in our tent for quiet a while we are very happy with this beautiful spot in the South of Spain.

The views from our patio are amazing. We are looking at other villages, the hills and the olive trees. We start learning Spanish at a course in the village. Together with the English people we have a lesson once a week. We practise in the streets as well. The people of Olvera are very friendly an curious. They all smile and wave to us.

The first weeks in our new home are warm and we are outside all day. Cycling to another village or at the Via Verde, an old rail trail. We are walking trough the hills and discover a lot of lovely spots. But it’s getting colder in the end and they are talking about the wettest year since a long time.

We enjoyed every moment of the cycling. Tasting new cultures and travelling to places where time stood still. It was great to wake up every day at different places not knowing where we would sleep at the end of the day. But after all this time on the road we are looking forward to stay at one place for a while. We enjoy live here as you can see.



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