Topic: Italy

On our way from Rome to the south

It’s been a great time in Rome! We had a campsite at the river Tiber and from here we could take public transport into the beautiful city centre. There were a lot of backpackers on our camping field and we had plenty of time watching and chatting with the other travelers. Together with our Dutch neighbors we had quit some laughs about everything happening around us. For example we witnessed the removal of a 60 year old Englishman who had misbehaved. The police had to come and get him of the camping. We took our time exploring the city of Rome. Normally we went into the city at around 4 pm and than we just started wandering in a new area of town. In the evening we chose one of the many great restaurants and after dinner we would stay at a square to see some street theatre. (more…)

Cycling from Pisa to Rome

Before we cycle to the campsite, of course we want see the tower first. So we cycle to the square and there it is: the Tower of Pisa. It is very crowded at the square and we zigzag through the crowd. It is funny to see how everybody poses to get a nice picture and we enjoy watching it. Everybody wants a picture of themselves holding the tower to a stand and it’s nice to see how they struggle to find the right position. At the moment we want some prove ourselves standing in front of the tower with the bicycles there are two other cyclist approaching us. “Hi, we recognize you from internet!” These are two collegue cyclists from our home town Groningen. (more…)

Gnochi and Spaghetti Bolognese

From Menton in France we leave to go to Italy. Despite our tired legs we wanted to cross the border to enter a new country. After 4 km we arrive at the border crossing of France and Italy. A French guy takes a picture of us and we are ready to go into Italy. After 5 km of cycling in Italy we see a sign of a camp site and we don’t hesitate. We have a few words in Italian and put up our tent. We find a nice place in the shade and it is close to the sea. (more…)