Topic: Nepal

At home in Kathmandu

Our plane descents trough thick layers of clouds towards the Kathmandu Valley. Sometimes we see a little part of Nepal below us, but it isn’t much. It doesn’t matter, we are familiar with the views below us. (more…)

A day with Engely in the mountains

Rupa leans with her head on my shoulder. Tears of happiness are rolling down from her eyes. “I am a queen”, she says. Today she, as well as the other kids of the Noble House, got new clothes. (more…)

The zoo

“Where are we going? We’re going to the Zoo!” These sentences can be heard for weeks in the Noble House. Everybody can say it and they all want to go. A few of the kids have been to the Zoo before. (more…)

Living on the roof of the Noble House

We pack our bags and say our goodbyes to the people in the Kathmandu Guesthouse. It’s been a great stay in a lovely atmosphere and with the best coffee since Iran!! On the road for the last kilometers for the coming time. (more…)

Arrival in Nepal

When we cross the border it feels like we’re entering a new world. At once we notice some differences between India and Nepal. The people look more Chinese and they behave relaxed. (more…)