Topic: Cycling trip 2005 – 2009

Presentation at the cycle club of Olvera

After a nice encounter in the library of Olvera, Reme asked us to give a presentation about our travel experiences. She informed the cycle club of Olvera about our presence in the village and soon we received an invitation. (more…)

Stay or go?

We are walking trough the small and steep streets of Olvera, on our way to the bakery. Everybody greets us with a smile and says: “Hola, hace frio!” Yes, it’s cold and we are very happy with our temporary casa. (more…)

Living in Olvera for a while

From a distance Olvera looks like a dot of white paint on a mountain. The first time we were looking at the village was from a distance of 20 km away. “That’s it Steve, that’s the place where we are going to live for a while!” (more…)

On our way to Olvera

In India we come up with the idea that it might be nice to spend winter in Spain. We look at the internet for long-term rentals. We find a site which rents places in a beautiful looking traditional village. (more…)

Heavenly Himalayas Part 2

It´s cold and ice is covering the tent again. Slowly the sun is shining on the plains and we enjoy our breakfast. Slowly we pack our bags. Fast isn´t possible here. We are at an altitude of 4900 meter and we can feel it. (more…)

Heavenly Himalayas

“There is a mouse in my shoe! ”
“Why didn’t it say ‘peep’ when I went into my shoe?”
“I killed a mouse…..”

Tasting the Himalayas

Foot on the ground, braking is not necessary, taking a deep breath of air is. It seems like we are going uphill forever. It isn’t steep but our legs can’t go as fast as I want to go. Marlous comes standing next to me. I can hear her coughing more each time we stop….again she coughs. ” Lous it isn’t important!”
“We don’t have to cycle everything.”
“It’s just a pass as all he others…..” (more…)

Into the Indian mountains

The morning we want to leave Delhi the rain drops down from the sky like crazy. While we are having our breakfast we hope it will stop, but there’s more water coming down instead. So we stay one more day in Delhi, where the streets are flooded at the end of the morning. (more…)