Topic: France

The last part of France

After a fantastic week of holidays with Ans and Frits, the aunt and uncle of Steven, we were ready to start cycling again. Ready to go to the Mediterranean Sea!
The first part we follow the Canal du Midi. It’s a flat part besides all the carrots of the trees which make it bumpy, but they keep us awake. It’s nice to cycle along the canal with all its locks. A lot of French people hire a boat here and it’s fun to see them struggle with the boats. In Castelnaudry we cycle along a famous boat for us. It’s the colorful “Dolle Dromus” from Groningen. We knock on the doors, but there is no one on board. (more…)

On family visit

The moment we want to leave the campsite of Crest we start talking to an Australian woman. When she hears our plans she runs to her camper and returns with two stickers. Two flags of Australia to put on our bikes. We start with a climb of 7 km and the sweat we produce is almost as much as the small river besides us. The next part we cycle between rocks of 1000 meters high. We are having our lunch next to the river with our feet in the water so they can cool down. We make our own dam with the rocks in the river. At warm days like this we have to refill our bottles of water many times, so we have to search for signs with: eau potable. (more…)

Viva la France

After a day of rest in Port-sur-Saone we cycle further again. We follow an old route along the river, which is very beautiful. The river finds its way through some tunnels and we continue cycling on the bumpy road. In the evening when we are at the campsite the sky gets black and it starts raining enormously. We are very happy with our tent and with enough space for our luggage! (more…)