Pannier rack on our Weehoo bicycle trailer

In order to fit everything on our bicycles while we’re on our bicycle trip with the four of us we’ve fitted some pannier racks on the Weehoo bicycle trailers. The racks we’ve chosen are the though and lightweight Foldit Fix 20″ bicycle racks of Racktime.

We’ve used two metal strips to attach the racks at the axle of the wheels. To tighten everything we’ve┬ádrilled a small hole in the pannier racks. Now the rack can be fitter with two bolts to prevent movement. At to top of the bicycle rack we’ve used a small piece of metal to tighten it all in place where the reflector used to be. By doing it this way we didn’t have to drill any holes in the Weehoo bicycle trailer.

The installation of the bicycle pannier racks



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