Stay or go?

We are walking trough the small and steep streets of Olvera, on our way to the bakery. Everybody greets us with a smile and says: “Hola, hace frio!” Yes, it’s cold and we are very happy with our temporary casa.

The moment the sun shines through the clouds it’s lovely and we change our long sleeves for a t-shirt. It’s great to explore the surroundings of the village. Sometimes we cycle, but most of the times we are walking around. From our patio we can see all the small roads leading their ways trough the olive fields and we try them all.

We find a beautiful house on the internet. It’s supposed to be situated along a small river in a hidden valley. We try to discover the house, which isn’t easy. But after 6 long walks we are lucky and we fall in love with this place immediately. We would love to live here and start a camping. The plans are growing in our minds and Olvera looks like the place where we want to stay. Not too far from home, because with the cheap flights nowadays we are able to visit Holland now and then.

We follow a Spanish course at the local school. Together with the English community from the village we visit the classes on Friday morning. We like to learn Spanish quickly so we can have conversations. But the English like to talk English all the time and when they discover our teacher speaks their language as well, we speak hardly any Spanish during classes. Unfortunately and we change our classes for a self study book at home.

We receive visitors from Holland. With Paul and Hieke we explore the surroundings by car and we visit Cordoba. My parents arrive as well and with them we visit the beautiful Alhambra in Granada. Linda comes over for Christmas and we spend a day at the Atlantic Ocean. The weather is beautiful and we can see Morocco from Tarifa. Shall we go to Africa?

The plans of the camping and the house seem unreachable this moment and we start making smaller plans. After all the travelling our money gets to a certain point…..we try to find a job, so we can make a living here. It’s a lot cheaper here than it is in Holland, so it must be possible to stay in Spain…..

With Ryan Air we fly for almost nothing to the Netherlands for a week. We visit family and some friends and we have a great time. Holland is nice as well.

Back in Spain we are getting a bit restless. We want to do something, decide something. Although we are both working now and then, it’s not enough for us. Spain is a great place, but in the end we decide to cycle back to Holland. We will search for a job and a house. We are looking forward to have our family and friends nearby. Just to be able to drink a cup of coffee….

The first of March we start cycling again! We will cycle through Portugal to Santiago the Compostella through the Pyrenees and along the Atlantic Ocean in the direction of Holland. We think we will be back in Groningen on the first of May…….



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