The first kilometers in France

With very beautiful weather we left Luxembourg. The landscape slowly got a bit more slanted and therefore more vast. Apparently we came across the first really warm days in France, because some gentleman, where we refilled our water, showed us the thermometer. 26ºC in the shade and yesterday 33º!! The prices of the camping sites lowered drastically and up till now it’s still calm, although we slowly see a rise in holiday makers.

The first Sunday in France we were woken on the camping Municipal by the fire brigade who were having exercises. They were standing in a circle with a couple of cars and were busy spraying wet one another. One by one somebody was put in the middle of the circle and ‘fired’ upon by the others. After looking at this scene we packed up our things and left for the village and the bakery.

‘Merci France’ for the boulangerie which is open on Sundays. It’s perfect to go there by bike in the morning and to enjoy freshly baked bread in a town’s square.

In Lunneville we doubted whether we would ride that morning or not. The wind blew very hard and there were thick grey clouds. Now and then it rained quite heavily. After having done some shopping it slowly dried and we rode to Charmes after all. We had some drops of rain but it was mostly dry.

At the camping in Charmes we met the first load of Dutchies. Almost the entire site consisted of caravans with Dutch couples on their way south. Just the spot for some small talk about the weather and the cycling.

After Charmes we wanted to go to Darnay; unfortunately the camping was not open yet, so we had to peddle another 7km. We ended up on a Dutch farm camping. It was some sort of Dutch settlement running entirely on volunteers. Everything was build according to ecological insights. We doubted for a moment whether we would have a resting day here or not. We had a great spot in the orchard. In the evening we spent some time on the internet and typed the first travel stories.

In the morning we went on towards Port-sur-Saone. This time we chose our own route instead of following the directions in the book. Our route first brought us through the forest and then along the Saone. The French have dug out pieces of canal alongside the Saone to make it possible to go there by boat. In Port-sur-Saone we found out that this is done a lot. Besides lots of French we also discovered some Dutch boats.

In Port-sur-Saone we found it was time for a day off. But first we woke up calmly and had breakfast. After that we did some reading and checked the bikes. Up till now they are still going strong.

Alzinger (L) – Volstroff (Frankrijk): 60km
Volstroff – Chateau-Salins: 82km
Chateau-Salins – Lunneville: 46km
Lunneville – Charmes: 40km
Charmes – 7km van Darney: 64km
7km van Darney – Port-sur-Saone: 62km



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