The last part of France

After a fantastic week of holidays with Ans and Frits, the aunt and uncle of Steven, we were ready to start cycling again. Ready to go to the Mediterranean Sea!
The first part we follow the Canal du Midi. It’s a flat part besides all the carrots of the trees which make it bumpy, but they keep us awake. It’s nice to cycle along the canal with all its locks. A lot of French people hire a boat here and it’s fun to see them struggle with the boats. In Castelnaudry we cycle along a famous boat for us. It’s the colorful “Dolle Dromus” from Groningen. We knock on the doors, but there is no one on board.

After two days of cycling we reach the Mediterranean Sea! It was a goal for us to reach it so it feels good. It’s great to dive into the sea. We cycle further but not for long. After 14 km we put up our tent again and we enjoy a weekend of sea, sand and sun.

We cycle trough the Camarque into the country again and we see a lot of cattle of bulls and with horses. We even see rice paddies here. In Arles we are back in the real French culture and we listen to French Chansons at the main square.

During the day it’s kind of hot to cycle. The temperature rises to 35 degrees of Celsius and we have to get used to it. We refill our water many times and we sweat like crazy. The day we see the sea again we have to climb up to a pass first, where we have a great view at the town of Saint-Tropez. At the campsite in Port-Grimaud we get a special treatment, because we came all the way on our bicycles.

Friday the first of July is an amazing day, when we cycle 125 km along the coast. It’s beautiful all the way to Nice where we ask for a campsite. There is not one in town and we have to move a little further to the village of Eze. There we ask again for a campsite and this time we receive some pitiful looks. The woman of the tourist office looks up to an enormous rock where we have to go. We just made some jokes about it…. A hard climb follows, but in the end we are rewarded with a really beautiful small campsite. The views are fantastic from this place at 510 meters above sea level.

We visit Nice from here by bus. Steven bought a mirror for his bike so he can keep an eye on me. We also make a visit to Monte Carlo where we enjoy watching the Ferrari’s. A Japanese man makes a photograph of us in front of the Casino.

Molleville – Trèbes: 75 km
Trèbes – Valras-Plage: 93 km
Valras – Comran-Plage: 15 km
Comran-Plage – Arles: 70 km
Arles – Aix-en-Provence: 94 km
Aix – St.Anastaie: 77 km
St.Anastasie – Port Grimaud: 67 km
Port Grimaud – Eze Village: 133 km
Eze – Menton: 30 km
Menton- border Italy: 4km
Total distance in France: 2074 km



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