Cycling in Luxembourg

The difference between Belgium and Luxemburg was something we noticed pretty quickly.
We left the Ardennes, the route got somewhat less tough. Luxemburg also has special cycling roads. This way we rode a couple of kilometers to the town of Wiltz. There however we found out that Luxemburg has hills also. After a 7km climb we were very happy to have reached the summit. It was quite a leg breaker.

After that we were able to peddle along easily. The last stretch to the camp site would be a hard climb again. Just before the camp site there were some ‘detour’ signs. Pigheaded as we are, we ignored them and rode on. No problem, it was an easy ride on freshly laid asphalt. The camping site was at the little river ‘Sure’. At night we enjoyed some big fish in the water.

The next day we went towards the city of Luxemburg, it was a calm route. We rode through the valleys with steep hills on each side. We had lunch at a creek. Only when we arrived in the city we had to do some climbing. We traveled through the old parts of the city, through narrow alleys. Marlous’s bike chain got of, but it was back on in no time at all. The camp site was just outside of the city in a town called Alzingen.

The next day we took a break. Time to do the laundry and Steven has replaced Marlous’s bike chain. In the afternoon we took the bus to the city. Luxemburg really is a magnificent city. We spent quite some time in the old part of town. We even visited the old ‘Kazemats’ (=fortifications). Very beautiful!

Next stop France! It was a very hot day. The differences in height got less and less. From the road we used we could see customs on the highway. The sign with ‘France’ though was some time ahead of us. But in the end Steven passed the border first!

Cetturu(B)-Bourscheid-Muhle 61 km
Bourscheid-Muhle – Alzingen 63 km
Alzingen- Volstroff(Fr) 60 km
Total Luxemburg: 120 km



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