On our way to Olvera

In India we come up with the idea that it might be nice to spend winter in Spain. We look at the internet for long-term rentals. We find a site which rents places in a beautiful looking traditional village.

We send an email with the question if we can come and have a look. Soon we have an enthusiastic reply, so we are on our way to Olvera. From El Alhanchete we cycle a beautiful day trough the inlands to Nijar. The road goes up and down, so we are happy at the end of the day when we reach the village. On the map we saw that there should be a campsite, so we ask someone where we can find it. But no one knows anything about a campsite. We ask at the tourist office where they tell us to go 20 kilometers further. “A campsite? No, not here. Here we only have hotels.” A small dilemma, but our legs are pretty tired, so we decide to try one of the hostels.

The next day we are surrounded by plastic. Here they grow vegetables all year round. It’s a very ugly part to cycle and it goes on and on for a long time. Just before Aquadulce we take a sip of water, when a scooter and a cyclist appear. It is Jos on the bicycle and his brother in law on the scooter. Jos cycled from the Netherlands to visit his family and he is almost there. We have a nice chat and then we wave goodbye.

In the evening we pitch our tent along the coast together with some campervans. We weren’t able to find a campsite.‘

The coast is getting nicer again and the sky gets darker. We stay for two days in Castell del Ferro because of a storm. Big waves are rolling in the ocean and the wind blows very hard. When we start cycling again there is still a lot of wind. Some parts we are unable to cycling, because the wind hits to hard into our bags. It’s impossible to steer at such moments, so we have to walk a few times.

We are almost in Malaga and the coast is flat here. It’s Sunday and there are cyclists everywhere. Groups of bike racers are passing us while they are greeting us. “Hola familia!” they shout to us while they are giving us a tap on our shoulders. At the flat part they seem to have fun, but as soon as a first little hill appears, they put their bicycles in their cars and they drive away. We are amazed……

In Malaga we reach the 36.000 kilometers and we are accompanied by one of the cyclists who stayed on his bike after a few hills. There isn’t a campsite in the city so we cycle to the beach town of Torremolinos. From the campsite it’s very easy to go to Malaga by train or bus, so that’s what we do for two days. We enjoy Malaga, the tapas and the guitars very much.

It’s a beautiful day of cycling to Ronda trough the mountains and some gorgeous villages. In the evening we call the lady of the rental houses in Olvera. We can come for a visit the next day. “Can we stay if we like it?” When the answer is ‘yes’ we pack our bags one more time on our way to Olvera.

El Alhanchete – Nijar: 88 km
Nijar – camping in the nature close to Guardas Viejas: 107 km
Guardas Viejas – Castello del Ferro: 59 km
Castello del Ferro – Torrox Costa: 71 km
Torrox Costa – Malaga/Torremolinos: 71 km
Malaga – Ronda: 101 km
Ronda – Olvera: 40 km



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