Topic: Cycling trip 2005 – 2009

Racing Indian men

“Steven, another one is coming!” I shout ahead.
Behind my back I feel a man approaching. It takes a while before he cycles almost next to me. (more…)

Roepies, rice and rain

After missing the border office of Nepal, it doesn’t surprise us that the Indian office is hidden as well. We could just cycle into India without showing our visas, but to avoid problems we try to find an officer who can give us the right stamps. (more…)

At home in Kathmandu

Our plane descents trough thick layers of clouds towards the Kathmandu Valley. Sometimes we see a little part of Nepal below us, but it isn’t much. It doesn’t matter, we are familiar with the views below us. (more…)

Go on wereldtrappers go on!!

We are surrounded by mountains on which the first snow has fallen. The air is cold and slowly autumn changes into winter. From our little house in Queenstown we see it all happening, but with our heads we are somewhere else. (more…)


From Akaroa we cycle to Hilltop again, this time with beautiful views and the sun shining on our backs. We continue our path on a rail trail, an old one which is cycle path nowadays. (more…)

Though cycling

With our hands waving in the air we walk through the customs and there we are. The Holland trip is over and it’s up to the two of us again. Via Bangkok we arrive in Taipei where we have to wait for 8 hours for our connection to Sydney. (more…)