Go on wereldtrappers go on!!

We are surrounded by mountains on which the first snow has fallen. The air is cold and slowly autumn changes into winter. From our little house in Queenstown we see it all happening, but with our heads we are somewhere else.

It’s like yesterday we were making out way through the mud in Yunnan, China. Everywhere we came there were smiling people and a language we didn’t speak. The lonely desert in Iran, with rice on the back of a car. With ten days of police-escort in Pakistan we travel back to our First hills in Belgium and our last ones here in New Zealand.

“Is this what we want?”
“Is this what we choose?”
“Waiting for a job and hoping to save enough money to travel 4 months longer….”
“Uh, no it is not….!”

New Zealand is very beautiful but doesn’t give us what we are looking for at the moment. The scenery is marvellous and the mountains are great to watch. We miss to discover things here. We miss the strange colours, crazy sounds and weird tastes. We miss the bright green colour of the rice paddies, to choose food from a dirty kitchen and smiling people in a tea house. We miss travelling and the time of waiting and saving is up.

“Ok what now?”
“Where are we going and what do we want to see?”

Africa is on the list and our plan to cycle from Cape town back to The Netherlands. The question is: is that what we want?”
“Do we both feel fine about cycling across Africa?”
“Or do we rather cycle somewhere else…… but where?”

There are enough nice options to choose from. Cycling from Mexico City to Patagonia, or from Beijing to Groningen, from Cape town to Groningen or back to south East Asia, crossing Canada seems nice as well. In the end we make a decision which feels the best for us.

We fly back to Kathmandu, Nepal. Here we will visit the kids of the Noble House, before we will cycle into India. We always wanted to cycle around India and now we can do it. What we will do when we have finished our round through India we don’t know yet. And that’s what we have missed as well: not to know where we will sleep in the evening, who we are going to meet. The ultimate freedom which we have when we are cycling. We are going to explore a continent which gives us so many impressions. We will enjoy the heath of he weather and the people and we listen to the concert of sounds which India brings us. On Wednesday the 4th of June we will leave Queenstown to arrive on the 6th of June in Kathmandu. From than we are back to the adventure, the freedom and the joy of every second travelling gives us!

Go on!



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