We are not the only ones who want to cross the border between Malaysia and Singapore. We queue up together with all the motorbikes heading for their work. The moment we are being helped at the desk, the forms we have to fill in as foreigners are finished.

The woman behind the desk tells me to get the forms at another desk. It’s hard to find the right papers which have to bring us at the other side of the border, but when I arrive at desk number 6 I am lucky! When I return the queue has grown and I give them an apologetic smile. The Malaysians don’t mind the waiting and smile back at me. Now the forms are there we are asked to step aside to complete them. A lot of motor bikes have to show their luggage at the customs, but they don’t bother us. We are in Singapore!

Steven studied the map well and we cycle easy over the big roads towards the neighborhood where want to search a hostel. Beautiful shining cars pass us, the monorail goes above our heads and we are greeted by mountainbikers who make a daytrip along their little country. We don’t know for sure where the hostel is situated so we have a look on the internet in the first café we see. With a beautiful self made plan I return and soon we are standing in front of The Hives Backpackers Hostel. Here they have a nice room for us.

The days in Singapore go fast. We have to polish all our stuff, which is quit some work. Between all the cleaning we explore the city with all its high buildings. We have a nice meeting with Jarod. We met this teacher from Singapore in Phnom Penh, Cambodia while he tasted cockroaches at the night market together with his colleagues. We had a nice conversation and he gave us his email in case we were in Singapore. We send him an email and soon we get an enthusiastic one in return. Jarod wants to show us the most beautiful zoo of Asia, which seems a good idea to us. Jarod is a volunteer in the zoo so he can tell us a lot about the animals. While the urang utans are playing around us we talk about the trip, work and the differences of our cultures.

The 21st of May there appears a maxicab in front of our hostel and we carry our entire luggage into the car. The bicycles are packed in boxes and of the rest of our bags Steven made a professional package. The driver is wearing white gloves and tells Steven exactly where everything has to be. When we arrive at the budget wing of the airport we soon can check-in. The girl behind the desk looks in our passports and we only receive Stevens passport in return. Mine is carried away for an extra check……they think that the visa I have for Australia is not legal, but soon it appears that it is and I can go as well. We wave Asia goodbye and we walk through the customs.

* Singapore : 28 km



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