Wereldtrappers.nl gets a new design

Since we’ve returned home in 2009 after our world trip a lot has changed in our lives. We’ve got two beautiful sons who reserve our fullest attention. After 4 years of cycling and enjoying great adventures around the world we’ve settled in the northern part of the Netherlands with our new family of four.

Our boys are getting bigger and this makes of dreaming and thinking about travelling. This past summer we’ve been touring through the south-eastern part of Europe with our car and tent. This year we love to go cycling again and this time with our sons. That’s why it’s a great moment to have a new look at our website. After years of inactivity it’s time to renew the design of wereldtrappers.nl

At this moment we’re busy to upload all our stories and pictures to the new site. The coming period we hope to finish this update and start with a brand new website. We hope we’ll see you at wereldtrappers.nl again this coming period.



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