Sunday the 13th of November was the day. Our alarm clock went off at 7:00AM to make an early start to reach the border of Turkey and Iran. (more…)

Sugar Party, military and film crew

It feels great to leave Malatya on our bicycles with the sun shining on our backs. Malatya is famous for its apricots, which we notice as soon as we leave the town. Everywhere besides the road there are gardens with apricots and a lot of stands selling the fruit as well. During a break a jeep passes us by very slowly. After about 100 meters the car turns around and moves into our direction….military. Two high ranked men step out of the car and two others are following them holding big guns. “Where are you from?” “What’s your name?” They think everything is great about us and they walk back to their cars totally satisfied. (more…)

From Pammukala to Malatya: Height, chimneys and snow.

We start climbing from Karahayit to 1000 meter and higher. The road leads us through nice and green landscapes. Ascending goes slowly, while we follow the valley to a higher part of Turkey. With the height the temperature drops below the 20 degrees and we have to get used to that. Until now we are spoilt with warm weather. The colors around us are fantastic and when the sun shines on the trees it’s even more beautiful. During our days of cycling we are surrounded by golden trees and now and then by a top of a mountain. The temperature is around ten degrees and in the evening it drops to five or lower. (more…)

First time Turkey

Passing the Greek border went smoothly, so we moved on to the Turkish border. Here it was less easy. First we had to receive a stamp at the Health Center. Without asking any questions we got one. We must have looked very healthy! Then we had to arrange a visa. The man of the visas was celebrating his lunch break so we had to wait. We were not the only ones waiting and it was nice talking with other travelers. After everybody received his visa we found out that the prices were very different. We only had to pay 10 euros, Americans 20 euros, Englishmen 15 euros and the Germans could go into Turkey for free. After some more stamps we were allowed to go into Turkey! (more…)

To the border

After spending 10 days in Thessaloniki we really enjoyed cycling again. Up and down, big and small roads, mountains and lakes, everything was beautiful. This part of Greece was full of cattle. Cows, sheep and goats we see them everywhere. The shepherds are waving at us when they see us and they stand proudly in front of their animals when we take a picture. For us there is a new game: “Search the cattle”. (more…)

A new wheel

Yes we have a new wheel! After tens days spending in Thessaloniki and dropping by every day at the post office we were disappointed again this morning. Wednesday the 31st of August we made a call to Cycle Trend about the broken rim in Stevens wheel and what we should do with it. Cycle trend took action immediately and at the end of the day we received an email that Santos would send a new wheel from the Netherlands. We told them to send it to the main post office because we thought it would be safer than our hotel. (more…)

A broken wheel

A lot can happen in one week. At the moment we are stuck in Thessaloniki waiting for a new wheel. My back wheel(Steven) broke which made cycling impossible. Time enough to write about all the things that happened last week. We could leave Athens relatively relaxed without taking too big roads. It was kind of hard finding the way we wanted to take, but we managed and we drove a beautiful and silent road outside the town. When we looked over our shoulders we could see Athens while we were riding our bicycles through mountains and forests. Everything was very green which was new for us because most of the nature in Greece is very dry. In the forests surrounding Athens we saw the Fire Brigade standing ready every 4 km. Probably they were afraid of fires in this area. (more…)

A dive into the deep

From the campsite in Varkiza we cycled back the same busy highway as we took the day before. The traffic is passing us at all sides and it’s an exciting trip. Especially when we had to changes lanes it was a bit tricky but we are a strong team. Marlous riding in front and making the speed and Steven in the back pointing into the direction we want to go. By stretching out his arm in the direction we want to go Steven makes sure that the cars behind us will take care of us. As soon as he knows we can go he shouts: “Lous one lane to the right!!!!” This is quit an exciting experience but it works and we arrive in Athens safely. (more…)