Sea, sun, beach……….and further

The sun shines high in the sky and the breeze of the wind is refreshing. The water is light blue and gets darker of color as it goes to the horizon. From our beach chairs we stare into the massive sea while our feet are resting in the white sand. (more…)

Searching for the border and cycling along the Mekong

We cycle into a piece of no-ones-land and soon we see the beam and a shed, which is the border office of Cambodia. The stamps are quickly in our passports and after paying a few dollars for this very special service we crawl with our bicycles under the red and white colored beam. (more…)

Coffee, tempels and looking for a way out

After all the jumping on the rocks off the waterfalls in Tadlo it’s time to say goodbye. We start to cycle a loop at the Bolaven Plateau. The plateau lies at an altitude of 1000 meters so we begin with a climb. (more…)

Laos gives us more

In Luang Prabang we have some relaxed days after our trip through the jungle. We wander through the nice streets and along the Mekong and enjoy a French bread with real camembert. (more…)

Pure Laos

We are early at the border between China and Laos because we are in the mood to discover a new country. Before they open the fence at the Chinese side there is some sort of flag ceremony. The customs officers are marching, shouting and saluting before the Chinese flag. (more…)

Cycling through the mud in beautiful China

Because of the high altitude disease of Marlous we’ve changed our plans a bit. At first we’ve had the idea of cycling west from Chengdu, into the mountains with high passes above 4500m. But now it doesn’t seem wise to do so. (more…)