Hocus Pocus where is the exit of KL

“Hocus Pocus where is the exit of KL” this is what Marlous writes in our diary after the crowded roads we cycle the day we leave Kuala Lumpur. ‘Forbidden for cyclists’ is a sign we see often this day, but we paddle further in the direction of Seremban. (more…)

From the sea to the tea

The small boat which we took to leave Thailand arrives slowly at the pier in Malaysia. The harbor is full with fishing boats that are unloading their freshly caught fishes. (more…)

Singing in the rain

Along the coast of the Andaman Sea we cycle to the South of Thailand. It’s a beautiful green part of the country and it’s getting greener everyday. Normally the months March and April are the hottest and the driest months of the year. (more…)

Thailand is not everything

After a week in Bangkok we are heading to the south. Here we hope to find the white beaches and the friendly Thai, who are always named in the travel guides. To reach the south we first have to conquer all the traffic. (more…)

Other Asia

The border crossing at Koh Kong is a lot more modern than the hut and the wooden boom gate between Laos and Cambodia. Before we can leave the country we have to pose in front of a camera and our passports are scanned. (more…)