From Akaroa we cycle to Hilltop again, this time with beautiful views and the sun shining on our backs. We continue our path on a rail trail, an old one which is cycle path nowadays. (more…)

Though cycling

With our hands waving in the air we walk through the customs and there we are. The Holland trip is over and it’s up to the two of us again. Via Bangkok we arrive in Taipei where we have to wait for 8 hours for our connection to Sydney. (more…)

Cycling with family

Last year they visited us in Nepal, this year they fly a bit further and they are not alone. We meet Maaike and Eric in Brisbane and together we look into the two big boxes they brought with them. (more…)

Rain in the outback

The people in Australia are a bit confused; it’s raining cats and dogs which hasn’t happened in years. Pools are scattered on the streets and the sky stays grey. We give the weather a break which leaves us the time to dry and gives us time to look around. (more…)

Cycling to the horizon

We pitch up our tent on the empty field of the roadhouse. We enjoy a hot shower and we think we decerved something nice after all the windy and cold days. We both order a ‘Hamburger with Lot’ and we receive a real aussie hamburger with a lot of extra things. (more…)

Into the Ozzie outback

The flight goes smoothly and together with the Italian and Cayman Islands cricket teams we arrive in Australia. Our bicycles and the rest of our luggage arrive on the carousel, ready to go through customs. (more…)


We are not the only ones who want to cross the border between Malaysia and Singapore. We queue up together with all the motorbikes heading for their work. The moment we are being helped at the desk, the forms we have to fill in as foreigners are finished. (more…)